Pick Up is a clean up campaign for local communities created by Miranda Murray, Elyse Seibel, Concepcion Salazar, and Dylan Stevens.
There’s more foot traffic in parks and trails now. It’s a way to keep our communities clean in the form of a game to show off to your friends. It is also a great way to spend some time outside as warmer weather is coming back. More people now than ever are bored at home and are looking for something to do. The challenge is simple enough so that anyone can do it in their free time. It’s not restricted by COVID-19 guidelines.
This campaign gives participants every tool they need to clean up their local areas and is also a fun, social way to spend time outdoors. Advertising on the bins, bags, trucks, and signs directs participants to the Snapchat story subscription and leaderboard for their areas. People are engaged with other members of the community in a form of friendly competition during this current time of social distancing. Simultaneously, they will be keeping their cities clean. Pick Up will be a pastime that can extend beyond this pandemic.
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